Toward The Definition of a “Bad Habit”

A “neutral habit,” is a behavior that a person automatically does and will continue to do until such time as they realize that that behavior is “for” or “against” their spirituality or worldview, and, hence, “for” or “against” their own self-integrity.  

[Becoming aware of our core values and life vision or spirituality is clearly a fundamental function of being fully and truly human and this underlines the importance of Vision and Values training in our Life Transforming Habits workbook]

At the moment a person realizes that a particular habit favors or would favor their spirituality, it is a “good habit”. 

At the moment a person realizes that a particular habit is contrary or would be contrary to  their spirituality, it becomes a bad habit.

Consequently, a bad habit is a known, habitual response to an Interpretive Thought or physiological stimuli that causes a person to act against their own spirituality; that is against  their  own understanding of  the meaning and purpose of their life, and, hence, against their own self interest.

Once a person recognizes that a habit is “bad habit” and yet they continue in that bad habit, it thwarts the character development of that person. This is truth, in that, whenever one acts against one’s own conscience, one acts against their own best interest, which always thwarts their own character development. 

Moreover, we observe that a person will continue in their bad habits until such a time as they decide to consistently and strategically employ a spiritual discipline to counter that bad habit with a good habit. In fact, we observe that a person must envision and strive for a countervailing good  habit   because just trying to stop a bad habit does not produce the same amount of uplifting energy as when one is striving to realize a good habit, a habit that is in alignment with their spirituality, their worldview.   

[An important reading on “Habit Change” can be found in the Life-Transforming Habits Workbook, Part III.]

From awareness of a Bad Habit to

Consciousness of Sin

As Christians, we believe that “the becoming aware” of a bad habit regarding our way of thinking and/or in our way of acting is created by the inner promptings of the Holy Spirit using an external means. That external means can be hearing the good news of the gospel, discovering a moral law embedded in God’s created order, experiencing an act of selfless love, etc.. The Holy Spirit then aides the person to see that their bad habit in the way they think and/or act is actually a sin against the good news of the gospel and the love and pure goodness of God.  The Spirit then enables the person to repent of that sin, that former way of thinking and behaving.  Then, the Holy Spirit empowers that person to replace that sin-filled thinking/behaving with mind of Christ-like thinking/behaving as modeled by Christ Jesus and patterned in his teachings in the gospels




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