My Daily Bread is:   

To Know and to Do the Will of God 24/7

with the Mind of Christ.

Do not be foolish,  but understand what the will of the Lord is for you at all times.  [Eph 5,16-17]   



STEP 1: Hear our Risen Lord, Jesus, on the only concern you should have today.

                  [Place (say) your name in the blank spaces.]

Do not worry, _____, about what you will eat, drink or wear today or tomorrow. Can you by worrying add a single hour to your life span? O you of little faith, your heavenly Father knows your needs.  Instead, _____, seek first God’s will today and all these things will be given to you as well. [Mt 6:24-34]  

Indeed, _____, give your entire attention to what God the Father is doing today [Jn 5:19-20] because God has prepared in advance good works for you to do each day. [Eph 2:10]  Therefore, _____, commit your entire heart, mind, and will to join God the Father—as I did—in His ever present work of pure goodness and wisdom to build up His kingdom of love, justice, mercy and truth on earth as it is in heaven.  [Jn 5:19]         

And, ______, do not worry about what might happen tomorrow  or in the near or distant future [Mt 6:25]  for the day is coming—which could even be today—when I will come and take you, _____, to myself so that where I am, you may also be.  [Jn 14:3]

Prayer: Lord Jesus, my Teacher, increase my concern to know and to do the Father’s will the whole 24 hours of today.  Better yet, Lord, make my only desire and concern of today be: “To know and to do the Father’s will with a heart and mind like yours.” Thank you! And thank you too, Holy Spirit, for inspiring me to say this prayer to Jesus now.   



STEP 2: List what you believe God wants

(wills)  you to do TODAY.

      [Put it in an electronic file, a notebook ....]  

Step 2a: Put listening to Jesus today at the top of your to do list: Hear Jesus speak to you through the gospels today for at least 5 minutes.  Then, humbly converse with Jesus about his teaching and, under the guidance of the Spirit, work Jesus’ teaching into your daily way of thinking, speaking and doing.

Step 2b: List the  core  relationships  that   you

believe   that God  has  placed in  your life.  List

a few things that you believe God wants you to do to

solidify and enhance those relationships today.

Step 2c: List all the other tasks you have today for work, school, home, family, neighbors as well as for the cultural, political, faith-based and social groups, associations and organizations in which you are active.  In other words, on God’s to do list put the tasks of today, as you understand them.

Step 2d: Good Samaritan Events: Leave room for those interruptions that Jesus’s gospel of mercy, love and justice require.

Step 2e: Next, put mercifully praying over the news of the day on your to do list: Pray for God’s mercy upon all involved in the news and pray for them whether you hear the news—or gossip—from neighbors, family, friends, colleagues or on the TV, the radio, the internet ....


Step 3a: Prayerfully and humbly review the list with the Holy Spirit to discern if they are indeed God’s will for you today and, then, prioritize those that are God’s will. Then, go forth with the Spirit and boldly but humbly do God’s will with the mind of Christ. 

Step 3b: Prayerfully, thankfully and humbly check in with God often during the day.

Step 3c:  Recheck your list at least  midday and evening and revise according to God’s current will for you. 

Step 3d: Read the “Notes on God’s Will” once a week. Less than once a month would be unwise unless you have great confidence in the providential design of God’s will for you and do each task and “interruption” with LOVE.  Click below on “Notes on God’s will.”




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