MBD’s Spiritual Disciplines are Grounded

in its Spirituality

My Daily Bread has  a very  Clear & Concise  Spirituality:

To know and to do the will of God 24/7 with the mind of Christ is MDB’s spirituality, it central worldview as to the meaning and purpose of life. That is, it is MDB’s deepest belief about the deepest meaning and central purpose of a Christian life.

MDB Uses/Creates Goal Specific,  Spiritual Disciplines:

Based on its clear and concise spirituality as to the meaning and purpose of a Christian life, MDB has developed an integrated set of spiritual disciplines to assist Christians to know and to do the will of God 24/7 with the mind of Christ. 

These are intended to help a Christian continue always to grow in Christ-like thinking—mind of Christ-likeness—with the divine help of the Holy Spirit. MDB has created some of these spiritual disciplines, but it has selected and adapted most of these from among forty-two centuries of spiritual disciplines—going back to Moses [Deut. 6: 1-24, with special focus on verses 6-8 and 25] and the psalmists.  MDB, however, has a special predilection for those spiritual disciplines of the primitive church [33-103CE*] and creates others to assist the believer to know and to do the will of God with the mind of Christ in their busy, real daily life at work, at school, at home, at play and even while they sleep.

Note 1: One of MDB’s created spiritual disciplines trains Christians to offer their time of sleep to the Holy Spirit so that the Spirit has their permission to work within them to the degree the Holy Spirit does that when an aspiring and striving disciple of Christ sleeps. Another created spiritual discipline is  “Contemplative Breathing.”  MDB created this to provide busy and highly productive Christians with a micro spiritual discipline that is easy to use, can be practiced in less than a minute and can be repeated wherever and whenever. Based on feedback, it is it our most used and effective micro spiritual discipline.   MDB strives always to be a Christ-centered, 24/7 spirituality with an array of effective 24/7 spiritual disciplines from which to choose based on their effectiveness for you--becoming more like Christ 24/7 in knowing and doing the will of God 24/7.

Note 2: Clearly, if your spirituality is to know and to do the will of God 24/7 with the mind of Christ, you will be engaged in very serious thinking/behavior change and need the help of the Holy Spirit for you to accomplish that. In fact, these spiritual disciplines are effective only by working in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and also through the Spirit developing an ever more sensitive awareness of Jesus’ teachings by which the Holy Spirit interacts most effectively in forming a truly and fully Christian  conscience that is grounded in how your were originally created to be and who you are redeemed to be in the new creation wrought by Christ in unity with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.




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