Relationship between

  Spiritual Disciplines and One’s Spirituality

The spirituality—the worldview or set of beliefs—that guides a person’s life can be infinitely varied. However, no matter how diverse these spiritualities might be, they can use the same or very similar spiritual disciplines to advance their distinctive spirituality or worldview as to the meaning and purpose of their lives.

For example, one person’s deepest belief about the meaning and purpose of life is to have a long, healthy life.  Motivated by this spirituality they might choose to practice a particular set of yoga exercises to help them achieve that worldview.  As long as they see a connection between those yoga exercises and a longer, healthier life, they will continue doing the yoga exercises even if they do not feel like doing them.

Another person’s deepest belief about the meaning and purpose of life is to feel good and to avoid pain. They might choose the same set of yoga exercises to help them feel good.  As their underlying spirituality is to feel good, they will keep doing the yoga exercises as long as it makes them feel good. They will quit doing the spiritual exercise on those days that they do not feel like doing them.  They will quit altogether if doing them no longer makes them feel good.

To illustrate the relationship between a Spiritual Discipline (SD) and multiple Spiritualities (Sp), we offer one spiritual discipline and four different worldviews.

Sd: Listen and understand first before speaking

Sp 1: because it helps me acquire wealth, know my

           competitors intentions and reveal none of mine.

            And my goal in life is to become rich.

Sp 2: because people bond to me unconsciously and will

            tend to like me.  And my goal in life is to be liked and

            have people bond with me.

Sp3:  because the king will cut out your tongue if you don’t. 

            And my goal in life is to live peacefully with my family

            and friends whatever government I might have.

Sp 4: because it is God’s will and leads to harmony and

            peace among family, friends and neighbors.  And my

            goal in life is to please God and build up God’s

            kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

Another illustration of the relationship between a person’s spirituality and spiritual disciplines is to envision a person who believes that being rich is central to the meaning and purpose of their life.  They might develop “very frugal spending” and “very lavish saving” spiritual disciplines. That person will be diligent in these spiritual disciplines as long as their worldview remains the same and as long as they see that those spiritual disciplines help them become rich, which is their meaning and purpose in life. Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, gives us insight into both the spiritual disciplines of a frugal life style and the behavioral changes that happen when a person changes their spirituality.  [This authors hopes that being rich is not core to your spirituality because according to the Scriptures and my direct observations, it is the cause of all sorts of grief, injury to your human spirit and stunts growth in Christ likeness [Ja 5:1-3]

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